Studio West

Studio West is San Diego’s leading recording studio and music production education center.  Open since 1971, Studio West has evolved to meet the needs of the ever-changing music and film industries.  Our brand awareness campaign focused on getting the word out about Studio West’s unparalleled music production educational programs.


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About Us

This About Us showcases Studio West's facilities and programs in one, all-inclusive, video.

More Cowbell. All The Time.  

This tongue-in-cheek promotional video reflects the fun-loving side of the Studio West while subtly synopsizing all the the things make make Studio West one-of-a-kind.

Youth Programs

This high-energy 30 second promo video was instrumental in promoting Studio West’s newest educational offering - music production programs tailor-made for middle school and high school students.  While still in the early stages of roll-out, these programs are quickly gaining steam. In 2016, Studio West hosted over 55 students across 6 summer camps and recently launched their first year-round after-school program.

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