Lizzy James

The Story:

Our goal was to grow Lizzy James from a startup jewelry business into a national fashion brand centered around their “Handmade In the USA” ethos.

We set out to create an online marketplace and lifestyle community for Lizzy James through a cohesive digital media campaign.


Blog Website Design

Product and Lifestyle Videos and Photos

Social Media & Branding via Instagram

E-mail Campaigns

Targeted Digital Ads

The results are impressive

In just under a year, Lizzy James has seen exponential growth in both sales and brand awareness, including the following achievements:

More than 20x increase in online sales

Facebook growth from 200 to nearly 100,000 followers

Instagram presence from zero to over 6,000 followers

Nearly 200,000 monthly e-mail subscribers

Blog Design

Analog started, monetized, and continues to run the Lizzy James blog. With thousands of views per day, Lizzy James is able to get their products to a wider demographic.

Email Campaigns

Lizzy James started with an email list of about 30,000 and has grown to well over 200,000 in the time we have sent out campaigns. We develop campaign ideas, develop a marketing strategy, design the campaign, and launch!