Style Expo LA and Bobeau Clothing

When fashion photography mavens StyleExpo LA approached us about creating a promo video for them, the idea of cross-promotion immediately came to mind.  Rather than have Style Expo stage a phony photo shoot, we coordinated our production around an event they had already scheduled with Bobeau Clothing.


Video Content for Product/Brand Launch

Bobeau Clothing

Style Expo LA

Bobeau was preparing to release their Summer Arrivals at fine retail establishments such as Nordstrom and they welcomed the idea of cross-promotion. In a single production day, we were able to capture unique content for both brands AND create a cross-promotional campaign that organically extended the reach of Style Expo and Bobeau beyond their existing audiences.

At Analog Productions, we are constantly looking for creative ways to help brands stand out and grow their customer base.  Combining the power of multiple synergistic brands into one smart campaign is just one more way we help our customers achieve growth.